Ehsaan – Darshan Lakhe Wala -Hidden Talent Of Punjab

A New Punjabi Song # Ehsaan # By New Punjabi Singer Darshan Lakhe Wala .Music of this song is composed by Darshan Lakhe Wala and lyrics are written by Darshan Lakhe Wala.

Punjabi Boy from Lakhe Wala singing song Ehsaan.Hidden Talent Of Punjab – Awesome Voice
Song -Ehsaan
Title – Tethon vadd K Yaaran Ehsaan bde ne
Singer – Darshan Lakhe Wala


  1. I don’t know what to say.but he got amazing voice .keep it up bro.bless u.whr do u live in punjab. Plz don’t gave up.

  2. Bless you my brother. U got awesome gift never give up.

  3. y g ea wala veer da pind kithe ea

  4. onn wala popular star ea y rabb mehar karee veer te

  5. bsss y da pind ds dio kis distt ch painda

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